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for metaverse.

Transforming processes
Driving innovation
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Innovation indicated.

< 26
Error rate reduced¹
+ 0 %
Efficiency improved²
Productivity fueled³

*1 average rate of incorrectly delivered physical content due to incorrect content data reduced from 26% to below 0,028%
within the first year after implementing automated content distribution via DASHDOCK.

*2 average time freed after implementation of digital workflows and solutions.

*3 average number of assets handled per season made possible by digital content management via DASDHOCK.


Go on innovating beyond digitalisation.

Constant evolution means constant transformation. How can you stay ahead?
What are the next steps? We can guide you on this journey.

Innovation Consultancy

With innovation, we see synapses building new connections and potential growing fast and strong. So should your business. We find the perfect match for your needs and also help you figure out the mis-fits. Do not follow the trend – create it.

Digital Transformation

Metaverse is not just a buzzword. Businesses must adapt to the latest digital revolution. Transform your business processes and get ready for physical-virtual Metaverse – or whatever may follow afterwards.

Data Management

Making educated decisions is at heart of each successful business. Simply collecting data to do so is not enough – indicating key data points and the causalities in their development is vital. Turn messy data into golden standards and make business decisions based on facts, affordability and ability.

Project Management

“But that’s how we always did it” is what business leaders’ nightmares are made of. Disrupt old-fashioned processes and lead your teams into efficiency of the best practice, tried and tested by our big player clients.


Any system is only is good, as you know how to use it. Elevate your team with our “School of Digital”, explaining complex topics in a simple and catchy way. Benefit from building the skills of your team..

System Integration

Data and process redundancy is the struggle of many companies out there. Growing out of SAP scope of features, businesses create and launch different portals and systems without full data and process integration. Let us help you build a clever and efficient process, making all your stakeholders incl. internal IT department happy.

Trust, mutual understanding and close contact, that’s a successful partnership.
Astrid Mordelt


We are here, here and here for you.

We would love to meet you #IRL. Until then: let’s get to know each other and see what great things we can do together.
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