We are here for you. And here. And here.

Diverse culture
Strong values
Lifelong learning


Bright on the inside.

All the colours together form the brightest light. No matter the background, gender, sexual orientation, belief, age or whatever label – we come together for a common goal. To help building an environment, both physical and virtual, where we can all shine bright with in one spectrum of light.

Karine Gromada

Chief Product Officer

Astrid Mordelt

Chief Operating Officer
she | her | hers

Moritz Meyer

UX / Media Designer

Gerry Schmal

Creative Director UX
he | him | his

Frederik Graw

Client Success Specialist

Adeel Sohail

Software Developer

Isabel Hermann

Client Success Specialist

Marc Grunow

Business Development
he | him | his

Ilka Dahnke

Print Media Designer

Ralf Braun

General Manager

Axel Roderich Werner

Client Success Specialist

André Schumacher

Chief Financial Officer /
Chief of Staff

Petra Marchand

Head of Quality Management

Yannik Raven

UX / Media Designer

Nicole Bauermann

Print Media Designer

Stefan Westhoff

Print Media Designer

Sabine Jäpel

Retouch Specialist

Ela Bucher

Media Designer

Andreas Klingenberger

Print Media Designer

Ute Harmann

Print Media Designer

Elaine Gutjahr

Client Success Specialist

Sven Freuen

Client Success Specialist


We stand for

Humanistic Inclusion

Our approach to tech is human-centred. So is our general approach: We are all human. We engage the full potential of our unique creative talent through inclusive mindset. It's where innovation thrives.

Independent strength

We are proud to be the the underdog. Being a highly innovative and profitable company without any economical or ideological ties, we aim to move purposefully and fix things. And we like aiming high.

Cunning candor

We keep it real, honest and humble. All opinions and comments are heard but put to the test. Open, frank and fair.

Smart sustainability

We make smart and resourceful choices that are effective now and stay relevant tomorrow. How we can minimise the negative effects on the environment and our future is in the heart of all our decisions.


Like a clockwork.

In a great relationship, partners bring out the best of each other. What makes a power relationship? Trust, deep mutual understanding and high-level support are the recipe for satisfaction and success. So, ready to make a move?

Let’s talk about ‘perfectionism’. It is focussing on details. Then applying the magic touch. We like to see it as our very special high-end skill that turns everything into gold.

Focusing on the complex dynamic between human users and technological software, UX design is the heart of UNDERDOCK. Advocating for the end-user and designing a seamless digital experience is the ever-evolving end-game. 

Transforming and ever evolving in a multiverse world we are living in that is the task. Managing that coming out of the analog closet and leading the progress in content management and digital innovation is the pride and joy of the Digital Transformation Manager. Detail-orientated and Big-picture Focused.

Activating brands and making a clear vision come to life though media design takes extreme creative skillset and tenacity. It is literally ideas made visual.

Somehow, people like to think in solutions, and define the needs based on the aspired outcome. But is there really a need? What is the root problem that actually should define the need. This is how a problem becomes a vision and then collaboratively becomes a product reality.

We are here, here and here for you.

We would love to meet you #IRL. Until then: let’s get to know each other and see what great things we can do together.
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