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Content AI.

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Savings generated¹
< 10 yr
Investment returned²
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Cost reduced³

*1 Average savings on logistics for content distribution after implementation of DASHDOCK.

*2 General ROI of DASHDOCK within the first year of implementation.

*3 Average content production costs reduced per season after implementation of DASHDOCK.

Dashdock APP

This is your Content AI app.

Manage your content, navigate project tasks and digital workflows from one spot, wherever you are.
Customise to your workflow and CI – or develop new to meet specific needs.
Integrate existing systems – but work them on a user-friendly interface.
Do it safe and collaboratively.

Seamlessly smart.

One stop – all in.
Seamless, connected, smart.
Your new favourite work app.

It’s an easy start.

Analyse the processes – define business needs – select ready-to-go solutions: We do that and you start rocking.

Have it your way.

Modular and flexible to meet ever-changing requirements. Customise your experience.

Ready and go.

We take care of deployment, configuration, hosting and launch. So you do not have to.

Safe and secure.

Single-client servers hosted on our own infrastructure based in Germany. You own your data, we make it work for you.

Whenever wherever.

Smart and easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces for small or large teams.

Human Intelligence and AI are very different. Combining them smartly is the only way to push the boundaries of today for the magic of tomorrow.

Karine Gromada



Real life tasks solved digitally.

Unlock Content AI. Your creative energy meets the power of data. Monitor and plan the complete lifecycle of your on- and offline content. Play perfected content using automated physical and digital distribution strategies for consistent deliverables and analysis.
Transform your processes. Focus on the creative part of your job, and let AI supported workflows do the rest. Onboard all internal and external team members and work collaboratively.
We could call it POSflix.
Manage, activate, perfect and play your content in all on- and offline POS. Remotely. React fast, promote directly. Get consumer insights and deliver a focussed and customised experience.
Excel at all new levels.
Use data based automatics for consistent deliverables, ROI and analysis. Empower your teams to manage their needs, orders and budgets. Create change.

Create and master your digital twin. Match up your knowledge and data for seamless expansion and growth processes. Connect to Tableau or Power BI to get overall insights about your main KPIs and drill-down analytics. Mine your data and benefit from breaking the chains of physical.

The Dashgram Pro.
Social feeds designed to encourage engagement, foster relationships and bring a new life to your brand’s professional community. Level up your teams integrity in a highly decentralised way of working. Take the workload from your team and make task management enjoyable, streamlining responsibilities and prioritising needs for all users. Share your success and create communities.
The Consumer Experience App.
Stay on top of in-store execution and provide the ideal customer experience. Level-up your field staff skills in implementing guidelines and promotions, enable your stores to appear and perform the way you intend them to. Empower teams with direct HQ to local field communication, send feedback and visualise results. Collaborate to enhance the in-store experience and make physical as low-entrance as digital.
Retail Operations 3.0.
Use data to understand and manage your POS to new levels. Decentralise knowledge with 24/7 access for all users, anywhere. Utilising the knowledge and insights of your team. Discover your local setup remotely, manage and operate POS based on global strategies. 
Expansion made seamless.
Connect every retail site, with its digital twin. A retail project management tool that breaks down silos and connects expansion and operation.
Maximise your productivity and spend more time doing what you love. 

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